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2018 Challenge Topics

Challenge Topics for the year 2018 - 2019

Instructions:  The major focus of the photo must incorporate the Challenge, rather than just a small element of it. Shots must have been taken since June 15, 2018 when the list was distributed. Upload your entries to Dropbox or bring prints to the appropriate meeting.

September - Underfoot
The photos for this challenge requires pointing the camera down, picking out something underfoot. There may be many wondrous things we miss by not looking down.

October - Metallic
An object made of metal, or having the appearance of metal is a primary subject for this challenge. You might find something that fits the topic that is not so obvious to the casual eye.

November - Twisted
"When a twiner a-twining shall twist him a twist;" - to quote part of a tongue twister. Objects in nature, man-made or even behavior could be inspiration for this topic.

January - Silence
A mood piece, this Challenge will take some artistic thinking. How to convey an aural sense in a visual medium?

February - On the Edge
Figuratively or actually, there is a lot of leeway for interpretation in this challenge. Lots of things have edges that aren't obvious at first glance.

March - Tracks
A track might be something left by a passing creature or vehicle, but it can also be the route followed by these entities.

April - Vertical Panorama
Those who shoot panoramas generally do a horizontal landscape. Challenge yourself to look up, and do a vertical subject with multiple, overlapped shots.

May - Abstracts in Nature
Abstracts are often recognizable subjects, but the shapes, lines and colors are the dominate attraction. Move in close, crop, or zoom to capture a design that stands on its own.