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Naming your Image for Competition

The images you submit in club competitions provides the club with entries for the 4Cs monthly digital competitions. The rules for sizing and naming are precise to ensure consistency among the entries.

Name your files like this: 01JohnDoe_GPC_NameOfImage. You should add an "A" at the end for assigned topic, and an "O" for open. So the second "open" image would be named 02JohnDoe_GPC_AnotherImage O. Don't type in "jpeg" as it will add that extension automatically when you save as a jpeg.

The maximum pixel dimension is no more than 1024 pixels in either direction. The resolution setting has no effect on images to be projected, so don't worry about that. The file size when saved cannot be more than 1 Mb. Check out the page on how to resize your image. You can link to it on the "Instructions" page.