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 Meeting Presentations September, 2015  through  May, 2016

For Club Year, 2020 - 2021

Meetings will be virtual, online programs until further notice.

Unless otherwise indicated, they start at 6:30 with a business meeting

Sept 14 - Lisa Langell - webinar. Her topic is The Power of Contrast.

Sept 28 - Show of Member's photography submissions.

Oct 12 - Kah-Wah Lin will host a Webinar Titled: The Art of Landscape Photography

Oct 26 - Show of Member's photography submissions.

Nov 9 - Wildside Nature Tours is offering their live Webinar, free to Gorge Photography Club. Light, Shadow, Background, Part II: with Kevin Loughin. This program will start at 4:00 pm

Nov 23 - 4Cs Invitational Entries viewing and discussion of images and their scores in the competition.

Dec 14 - Holiday Online Show - Members were given the opportunity to enter an image for other members to process in any way desired. Each entry will be shown with its many iterations created by the other participants.

Jan 11 - Blending Modes and Masks - Irene Fields demonstrated some techniques used to combine two different photos into one. A show of the 4Cs award winners for January were shown.

Jan 18 -

Feb 8 - Gregg Kerber
with Discover the Light Photography will host a webinar on blending images with different exposures for a better range of tones.

Feb 22 - Member's Photo Submission Show - The judging results for January will be included for both GPC and the 4Cs.

Mar 8 - Art Larsen - GPC member and past president will take us on a trip to Alaska. He and his wife Ellen have traveled extensively in their RV to get close and personal with the scenes and creatures of that great state. They are living in Spokane currently, after many years of making their home in Hood River.

Mar 22 - Member's Photo Submission Show - The judging results for February will be included for both GPC and the 4Cs.

Apr 12 - Phil Nardozzi will be the guest speaker at tonight's meeting. He has been a GPC member since September, submitting award winning images for our 4Cs competitions. Phil lives in Massachusetts where he enjoys photographing city and landscapes including street scenes; waterfalls and coastal waterways; fall colors and other landscapes including a wide range of structures. He belongs to a photo club similar to ours which is also a member of a regional council of camera clubs.

Apr 26 -
Critique and solutions to improve our April uploads to Dropbox. 

May 10 - Professional Photographer Scott Butner Presentation, Live: photographing action in low-light situations.  He will use examples from a wide range of sports, dance, and music photography, dealing with the following topics:
  • Anticipating action
  • Tricks for capturing and depicting action
  • "Peak action" and intuitive physics
  • Focusing on human drama
  • Telling the story with the details.
May 24 - Critique and solutions to improve our May uploads to Dropbox.

June 14