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Club Awards, Prints

September -
Assigned Topic:"Extreme Sports"
1st place: Gary Fields; "Taking The Plunge"
2nd place: Ray Whitmire; "Wow"
3rd Place: Jacob Whitmire; "Headin' Home"
Honorable Mention: Ray Whitmire; "Towel Time"

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1st place: Ron Smart; "Reflection Lake"
2nd place: Art Larson; "Lights Out"
3rd place: Donna Bender; "Wonderment"
Honorable Mention: Ron Smart; "Mt. Rainier"

October - Assigned Topic: "Boats"
1st place:Donna Bender; "Untitled #1"
2nd place: Donna Bender; "Untitled #1"
3rd place: Ray Whitmire; "Port O' Call"

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1st place: Ray Whitmire; "No One's Home"
2nd place: Tom Griswold: "Prosser Power Up"
3rd place: Tom Griswold: "Colorful Giants"
Honorable Mention; Linda Griswold: "Tired Luggage Cart"

January - Assigned Topic: "Night Shots"
1st place - Art Larsen, "Gorge Sunset"
2nd place - Jacob Whitmire, "Moon on Fire"
3rd place -
Ellen Bohn, "Rowena Lookout"
Honorable Mention - Jan Turner, "Bright Moon"
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1st place - Ray Whitmire "3 Amigos"

2nd place - Ray Whitmire, "White Splendor"
3rd place - Jan Turner, "Berry Ripe"
Honorable Mention - Donna Bender, "Buchart Gardens2"


February - Assigned Topic: "Black and White"
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March - Assigned Topic: "In the Fog"

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April - Assigned Topic:

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May - Assigned Topic:

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