Member Images

Images submitted by members that won awards in 4Cs competitions are exhibited here. All images are the property of the maker and may not be used or shown elsewhere without permission.
Irene - Poppies in the Field         

Fall 2020 QEID Irene Fields      Dec 2020: Gary Fields, digital            Dec. 2020: Theresa Peterson, digital

Phil Nardozzi, Rowes Wharf Boston
Oct. 2020: Phil Nardozzi, digital

April. 2020: Suzi Conklin, Digital

Nov. 2019: Dena Honald, Digital

Oct. 2019: Gary Fields, Digital

Gary Fields, Print

Nancy Harbert, Western Bluebird
Sept. 2020: Nancy Harbert, digital

Swiftcurrent Sunrise by Dena Honald
March 2020: Dena Honald, Print

Oct. 2019: Robert Davis, Digital

Oct. 2019: Irene Fields, Digital

April 2019: Lois Bancroft, Print

Jan. 2019: Tom Griswold, Digital

Irene Fields, Midnight Portrait
Sept 2020: Irene Fields, digital

Jan. 2020: Irene Fields, Digital

Oct. 2019: Naida Hurst, Print

May 2019: Irene Fields, Digital

Feb. 2019: Susan Julian, Digital